Party leaders insist on massive vote, dialogue among political forces

APS - 18 April 2017

ALGIERS- The party leaders, campaigning for the 4 May legislative elections, stressed the importance of high voter turnout, so that Algeria continues its progress in a peaceful climate. They also stressed the need for dialogue among the political parties.

From Medea (200 km west of Algiers), the general secretary of the Algerian Popular Movement (MPA) Amara� Benyounes called on the Algerians to go massively to the polls on 4 May so to operate "major change."

Speaking during a public meeting, Benyounes said that a "massive vote for the candidates of change is the best response to the calls for boycott," warning against the consequences of a poor turnout.

The MPA leader also protested against the "remarks of some party leaders, who consider themselves as winners."

As for him, the president of El Moustakbal Front (the Front of the Future), Bela�d Abdelaziz emphasized in Djelfa (294 km south of Algiers) the importance of establishing dialogue among the political parties so to reach "genuine solutions" to the problems encountered by the country.

"We don’t have enemies in politics � we need to create dialogue about the political, economic and social questions, for the future of Algeria," he pointed out.

Monday afternoon, the general secretary of the National Liberation Front (FLN) party, Djamel Ould Abbes, had said in Tiaret (268 km west of Algiers) that "the November revolution generation is still capable of making achievements as it did for the country’s independence and the building of the Algerian State."

Like in his past meetings, Djamel Ould Abbes said that youth are urged to take over the building process, "while taking advantage of the advices of their ancestors who fought to free Algeria."

"The transfer of tasks to the youth is inevitable, thanks to the opportunities offered by the new Constitution. This section must protect the country’s unity and achievements stated in the 1 November Revolution Proclamation," he added.

Ahmed Ouyahia, General Secretary of the National Democratic Rally (RND) said in El Bayadh (540 km southwest of Algiers) that his party would continue to support the policy advocated in the1 November Revolution Proclamation and its commitment to improve the living conditions of the Algerians.

In this regard, he outlined the lines of RND based on a reform of the health system so to provide adequate health care for all citizens, a reform of the educational system and housing for all the low-income categories.

Ahmed Ouyahia called for the establishment of a strong economy, adding that this objective is achievable through the contribution of all the Algerians, by encouraging investment.

As for him, General Secretary of Ennahda party, from the Ennahda-El Adala-El Bina Union, Mohamed Douibi said in Biskra (404 km southeast of Algiers) that this union "is not intended to be the sole alternative in politics, is ready to work with all parties."

He added that if elected, the candidates of the Ennahda-El Adala-El Bina Union would propose a set of bills relating to the educational system aiming at "helping the sector to keep pace with the current demands and participate in the preservation of the national identity."

The Head of the Movement of the Society of Peace (MSP), representing the Alliance MSP-Front of change (FC), Abderrezak Mokri, called from Guelma (489km east of Algiers) to the creation of a "Consultative Council for Youth" assigned to promote sports in the communes.

Detailing his party’s programme he qualified as the "Algerian dream," Mokri explained that this programme targets "the creation of 2 million small companies and ambitions to make of Algeria the first tourist destination in the Arab countries in the next 5 years and an industrial and African industrial hub within the next 20 years."

Head of the El Karama party (Dignity), Mohammed Benhamou, has reiterated in A�n Defla (114 km west of Algiers) his appeal for high turnout in the forthcoming legislative elections, saying that they constitute an opportunity for the "consolidation of democracy."

Speaking in Batna (390 km east of Algiers), the president of the Algerian National Front (FNA), Moussa Touati also warned against abstention on the voting day, stressing that it would “be used by the opportunists,” which would be a "serious mistake."