President of the Republic awards men of letters, artists with "Athir," "Achir" medals

APS - 17 April 2017

ALGIERS- The President of the Republic Abdelaziz Bouteflika awarded, Sunday, thirty-one (31) medals of the national order of merit to the rank of “Athir” and Achir” to men of letters and artists in a ceremony organized at the Boualem Bessa�h Opera of Algiers.

The Speaker of the Council Abdelkader Bensalah gave these medals in the presence of intellectuals, artists and ministers.

On this occasion, the national medal of national merit to the rank of “Athir” was awarded to the son of late Boualem Bessa�h.

The medal of national merit to the rank of "Achir" was awarded, posthumously, to 15 eminent figures including Algerian artists, men of letters and researchers. They are: Abderrahmane Hadj Salah, academician and researcher in linguistics Abou Laid Doudou, writer, translator and academician Nabhani Kribaa, philosopher and thinker Cheikh Bouamrane, philosopher, thinker and academician Mouloud Mammeri, thinker, writer and anthropologist Chaabane Ouahioune, writer and novelist Djamel Amranin, poet Yamina Mechakra, writer and university researcher Baya Mahieddine (Fatma Haddad), painter �Brahim Beladjrab, artist and heritage researcher Amar Ait Zai (Amar Ezzahi), popular artist Tayssir Akla, musician and artist Ahmed Ben Bouzid (Cheikh Attalah), artiste and man of theatre Mohamed Salim Riad, as well as film-maker Hadj Rahim.

The medal of national merit to the rank of “Achir” was awarded to El Cheikh Sa�d Kaabache to scholar and exegete of the Holy Qu’ran Abdelmadjib Meskoud, artist Hasna El bacharia, artist Akli Yahiatene, and artiste, Mohamed Lamari.

The daughter of late artist Houari Blaoui received the medal that was awarded to her father, while the medal awarded to Musician Fadhel Noubli was given to his brother.

The same medal was also awarded to Lounis Ait Menguelet, poet and artist, Mounir Bouchenaki, expert in archeology, Djouher Amhis Ouksel, writer and teacher, Larbi Dahou, writer and poet, Mohamed Salah Seddik, writer, Choukri Mesli, Nacerddine Sa�douni, historian, and Mohamed Abou El Kacem Khemar, poet.

In his speech given on this occasion, the minister of Culture Azzedine Mihoubi said that the president celebrates, as always, the Day of Knowledge by honouring intellectuals, men of letters and artists who represented Algeria with dignity in international forums.”

The awardsceremony was followed by a musical evening livened up by Algiers Opera troop.