Sellal inaugurates two industrial projects in Oran

APS - 19 April 2017

ORAN- Prime Minister Abdelmalek Sellal has inaugurated on Wednesday in Oran (432 km west of Algiers) an extension of the Steel Complex "Tosyali Algeria" as well as a plant for the manufacturing of steel tubes in the economic hub of B�thioua (40km east of Oran administrative centre).

The extension of Steel Complex DRI, steelworks and mills of Turkish group "Tosyali Iron and Steel Industry Algeria," built over an area of 100 hectares, �is specializing in the production of reinforcing rods.

Its production capacity is estimated at 2 million tonnes per year will help reduce steel imports and meet the needs of the very numerous construction sites launched in Oran and throughout the country.

Once commissioned, the extension will create 3,750 direct jobs plus 10,000 indirect jobs.

The various sections of the plant will gradually be commissioned until its total functioning in March 2018.

Over the past years, Group "Tosyali Alg�rie" built in B�thioua, one of the most economic and industrial dynamic zones in Oran, with four steel plants specializing in the production of reinforcing rods, wire rods, laminated steel and pipes.

Aftermath, the Prime Minister invited the complex officials to move on to the active stage of Ghar Djebilat steel deposit exploitation.

"We aspire to make of Algeria one of the largest steel producers in the Mediterranean,” he said.

He also urged all the partners to get involved in this initiative as "our goal is to become an emerging country by 2020," Sellal said.

The PM called on the officials of the three industrial complexes located in Bethioua,"ETRHB," "Tosyali" and "Total Algerie" to support youth willing to create SMEs.

Previously, the Premier has inaugurated a private industrial complex specialized in the manufacturing of steel tubes.�

Composed of two units for the manufacturing and coating of steel spiral tubes, the complex owned by Group "ETRHB Haddad which works started in 2013 required a budget of DZD21 billion and will create 250 jobs.

This plant will produce 450,000 tonnes of tubes per year, destined to the water, gas and oil transfers.

Underlining that this is Africa’s largest steel tube plant, Sellal said that the production must cover the national needs before exporting.