Algeria-U.S. cooperation: Treaty on mutual legal assistance in criminal matters in force

APS - 20 April 2017

ALGIERS-The Treaty between the Government of the United States of America and the Government of the People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria on mutual legal assistance in criminal matters, sealed on 7 April 2015, has come into force following the signing by both sides of documents on exchange of ratification instruments of the aforementioned Treaty. �

Secretary General of Foreign Affairs Ministry Hassane Rabehi and U.S. Ambassador to Algeria Joan Polaschik signed the documents.

�“The Treaty between Algerian and the U.S. on mutual legal assistance in criminal matters, sealed on 7 April 2015, has just come into force,” said Rabehi, stressing that “Algeria welcome this opportune major asset that complements the legal framework of cooperation between the two countries.”

�“Beyond its political significance in our relation with this brotherly country and strategic partner, this Treaty reflects both governments’ willingness to provide our strong and excellent collaboration, particularly the fight against terrorism and all forms of criminality, with the legal framework that has been lacking so far,” he explained.

The implementation of the provisions of this treaty will provide the Algeria-US judicial cooperation “with further speed and efficiency” and will allow both countries “converge their means and action strategies in the service of a concerned response to the dangers posed by these two dangers scourges to peace and stability in both countries.” �

Rabehi said this Treaty would allow the two countries “implement their judicial cooperation part pr respect of their respective laws, rule of law and human rights-related requirements.” �

For her part, the U.S. ambassador stated that the Treaty “provides a wide range of tools to support this assistance, including:� taking the testimony or statements of witnesses; furnishing documents, records, and other items of evidence; locating or identifying persons or items; serving legal documents; temporarily transferring persons in custody for testimony or other assistance; executing requests for searches and seizures; and assisting in the identification and recovery of proceeds or instrumentalities of crime.”

“The entry into force of the Treaty represents another step forward in the development of a strong bilateral partnership between the United States of America and Algeria.� The U.S. Embassy welcomes the entry into force of the Treaty and looks forward to working with the Algerian government and people to further develop our bilateral cooperation in all areas,” she stressed.�