UN official hails Algeria´s efforts in housing sector

APS - 20 May 2016

ALGIERS- The director of the UN-Habitat programme, Alioune Badiane hailed Thursday, in Algiers, Algeria’s efforts in the housing sector, particularly in the elimination of shanty towns.

“We are very happy about this visit, which allowed us to enquire about the conditions of the implementation of President Bouteflika’s programme, which ensures the elimination of shanty towns in order to allow Algerians to have decent housings,” said Badiane at the end of a meeting of a delegation of the UN-Habitat programme with the minister of Housing, Abdelmadjid Tebboune in the presence of the Wali (Governor) of Algiers, Abdelkader Zoukh.

“Algeria has taken significant steps and we are all proud, but it is important to consider these efforts as a first step in the path towards the progress of housing , which is an eternal building site,” he added.

Alioune expressed the UN-Habitat programme’s availability to support Algeria to move forward in its policy concerning the sector, adding that it was agreed to create a permanent UN-Habitat bureau in Algeria to monitor the accomplished achievements.

Concerning the goals of this step, the UN official said that “Algeria must occupy the place that suits it in the world: A fighting Algeria, but also an effective Algeria.”

The preparations of the 3rd UN conference on housing and sustainable development “UN-Habitat III,” scheduled in October in Quito (Ecuador) were also broached.