Algeria-Portugal high-level meeting: “Key moment” in bilateral cooperation

APS - 03 October 2018

LISBON-The 5th Algeria-Portugal high-level meeting, held Wednesday in Lisbon, was a “key moment" in cooperation between the two countries, Prime Minister Ahmed Ouyahia said.

"The 5th high-level meeting was a key moment in cooperation between Algeria and Portugal. It was very well prepared by experts and culminated perfectly with the signing of 13 agreements and work programmes in many areas,” said Ouyahia in a joint press briefing with his Portuguese counterpart, Antonio Costa, ahead of the meeting.

In the same connection, he cited the areas agreements involve, namely education, higher education, culture, health, public works, transport and civil protection.

After expressing his "satisfaction" with the results achieved at this meeting, the Premier stated that Algeria and Portugal “are engaged in positive historical relations, enhanced by the Treaty of Friendship, Good Neighbourliness and Cooperation signed by the two countries in 2005.”

Ouyahia said that Algeria and Portugal "will seal an agreement today (Wednesday) or tomorrow on the creation of a business council that will further facilitate relations between national and Portuguese companies.”

In addition, the PM welcomed the "very broad" convergence of views between the two countries on many regional and international issues, including the Middle East, the Maghreb in general, the Sahel region and counterterrorism.

"This broad convergence of views confirms the cooperation that exists between our two countries under the 5+5 Dialogue," said the PM who expressed Algeria's willingness to pursue its cooperation with Portugal with a view to "building an exemplary partnership.”

For his part, the Portuguese Premier said that Algeria and Portugal have "very close historically built relations, which are very good politically and promising economically ".

Costa stated that this 5th high-level meeting "created good conditions" to revive multifaceted bilateral relations, and emphasized convergent views on several regional and international issues of common interest, including the relationship between Europe and Africa, the situation in the Mediterranean, the Maghreb and Sahel regions.

"I am sure that based on the friendly relations that bind Algeria and Portugal, we will help our continents hasten rapprochement,” he said, stressing that the Mediterranean region "must not be a barrier but a bridge between peoples and cultures.”