American policy towards Algeria "constant and stable"

APS - 08 January 2021

ALGIERS- US Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs, David Schenker, said Thursday in Algiers that the policy of the U.S. Administration "is constant" regarding the North African region, including Algeria, which plays a "pioneering and fruitful" role in the continent.

"Despite the fact that each U.S. administration has different prerogatives, but the latter remains "constant and stable" with regard to approaches to North Africa, especially Algeria," said Schenker at a press conference held as part of his visit to Algiers.

"Successive U.S. administrations, both Republican and Democrat, have participated in strengthening relations with Algeria," Schenker said noting "the partnership and strategic cooperation with Algeria especially in the economic field.

He recalled, moreover, "the depth of historical bilateral relations which date back to the 1950s when John Kennedy announced, in his 1957 speech, support for the independence of Algeria."

The U.S. official highlighted the diplomatic cooperation between the two countries, "Algerian diplomacy has contributed, 40 years ago, to the release of 52 U.S. diplomats taken hostage by Iran for 444 days."