Boukadoum warns against "behaviors" that might divide Libya

APS - 23 July 2020

MOSCOW- Minister of Foreign Affairs Sabri Boukadoum warned against behaviours that might divide Libya, calling all the parties to preserve this country's unity and sovereignty.

In an interview to "RT Arabic" channel, on the occasion of his working visit to Moscow, Sabri Boukadoum said "we are determined to convince all the parties about the importance of preserving Libya's territorial integrity and Libyans' full sovereignty, urging them to show vigilance towards some behaviours that might lead, deliberately or not, to the division of Libya."

During this interview presented under the title "Algeria...diplomatic procession for the settlement of the crisis in Libya," Boukadoum affirmed that Algeria works through its diplomacy to convince all the parties in Libya about the importance of preserving the country's unity and sovereignty.

He broached the Algerian approach for the settlement of the crisis in Libya and the threats to the direct neighboring countries (Algeria, Egypt and Tunisia) or to the wider neighborhood, namely Chad, Niger, Sudan and even Mali, strongly affected by the situation in Libya.

In his reply to a question on the intense diplomatic activities led by Algeria, its approach for the settlement of the crisis in Libya and the concordance with the Russian vision, Boukadoum underlined that "the Algerian approach for the settlement of the crisis in Libya is known and based on the political solution ...We insist every time on this approach with all the partners around the world, and until now no one has opposed it."

"We are committed to convincing all the partners, all the belligerents and all the parties concerned by the Libyan issue about the need for a political solution in Libya," he pointed out, affirming that the Algerian approach isn't "competing with the other initiatives as long as they aren't in contradiction with the principles of the Conference of Berlin, to which Algeria and all the Libyan parties took part."

Algeria's approach is based on three principles, namely "the peaceful solution by rejecting the military solution, the ceasefire and the launch of negotiations with the refusal of any foreign interference, stopping the flow of weapons as well as the respect of the embargo on the arms in Libya."

In this respect, he broached "the common rapprochement of views between Algeria and Tunisia and relatively Egypt concerning the solution in Libya," emphasizing the challenges and threats, induced by the situation in this country, on the national security of all the neighboring countries," including Algeria.

Reaffirming Algeria's willingness to host negotiations between the Libyan parties, Boukadoum said that it is in continued contact with all the concerned Libyan parties, including those which are not visible, referring to the Libyan tribes, underlining that the Libyan issue is limited for some countries to Benghazi and Tripoli, Libya is much larger."

"The will to bring viewpoints closer and to reject the artillery language in Libya exists among all the parties to the conflict but it hasn't yet come to fruition," he said.