Coronavirus: 30 hotels made available to public authorities

APS - 20 March 2020

ALGIERS- The Ministry of Tourism, Craft Industry and Family Work put at the disposal of Public authorities thirty (30) hotels coming under the public and private sectors with a capacity of 6,900 beds, as part of the preventive measures that have been taken to contain the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19).

"As part of the awareness campaign initiated by the Ministry of Tourism, Craft Industry and Family Work, hotel operators are called to join actively the implementation of the multi-sectoral operational system for the prevention and fight against the spread of Coronavirus," said the source.

The Ministry underlined "a strong adherence and voluntarily of hotel operators to this initiative, by putting at the disposal of public authorities 30 hotels coming under two sectors (public and private) whose capacity amounts to 6,900 beds," added the source.

Tourism Ministry ensures a permanent and continuous coordination with the sector's players in order to "mobilize all the human and material means of the sector to face the spread of Coronavirus," concluded the source.