Coronavirus: New emergency plan to be prepared for all contingencies

APS - 12 February 2020

ALGIERS- Ministry of Health, Population and Hospital Reform underlined Tuesday, in Algiers, that a new emergency plan has been elaborated to be prepared for all contingencies, following the spread of Coronavirus in China, affirming that "Algeria is ready to face any emergency."

The new plan is based on five main lines, namely the strengthening of health, epidemiological and viral surveillance, the organization of health structures for a preventive treatment and the strengthening of training, communication, sensitization and information, affirmed, in an awareness day for national media, Dr. Samia Hamadi, assistant manager at the Directorate of Health Prevention and Promotion.

Changes could be introduced to this plan according to the developments that can occur both inside and outside the country, she said.
Algiers Pasteur Institute is a reference laboratory recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO) which has the necessary means to detect the virus, said Hamadi, affirming that "Algeria hasn't recorded any case of Coronavirus so far" and that "the public authorities have taken the necessary preventive measures to avoid this epidemic."

"Algeria isn't immune from this epidemic, like other countries. It is, however, ready for all contingencies," she added, underlining the surveillance and alert mechanism launched by the Ministry since the outbreak of the first cases of Coronavirus in China.
These measures consist in implementing means essential to medical checkup and tests and giving instructions to the sector's staff.