Coronavirus: State "has taken necessary measures" in case epidemic evolves

APS - 20 March 2020

ALGIERS-The State has taken all necessary measures in case the coronavirus epidemic evolves in Algeria, affirmed Thursday Minister of Health, Population and Hospital Reform Abderrahmane Benbouzid.

"The Algerian State has taken the provided the necessary means to face the coronavirus outbreak and response will be gradual. We will take advantage of the experience of other countries in the management of this global pandemic," stated the minister on a TV programme on the coronavirus.

Director General of Prevention at the Ministry Djamel Fourar, Director of the Pasteur Institute of Algiers Fawzi Derrar and Pr Smail Mesbah specialist in infectiology at El-Kettar hospital attended the programme.

"With 90 confirmed cases, Algeria has taken measures that were not advocated by other European countries at the level of pandemic. The necessary arrangements were developed even before the current evolution of the epidemic and all medical staffs are mobilized," said Pr Smail Mesbah.

"In case the epidemic reaches level 3, we have A, B and C plans and we will equip hospitals with resuscitation beds if necessary in addition to the operational ones," he continued.
Recalling the measures taken by President of the Republic Abdelmadjid Tebboune to mitigate the propagation of the Covid-19, the minister said that the most important one consisted in suspending public, private and railway transport.

In response to a question about the availability of surgical masks, strongly demanded currently, the minister affirmed that hospitals had "hundreds of thousands" of them but they were "rationally" used in anticipation of a possible evolution of the epidemic.