Government Action Plan paves way for new Republic

APS - 10 February 2020

ALGIERS-The draft Government Action Plan for the implementation of the programme of President of the Republic, expected to be submitted to the People's National Assembly (Lower House) on next Tuesday, includes four chapters with the first one named "For a new Republic born of popular aspirations."

The first chapter, approved during the previous Council of Ministers, focuses on some threats, including the reform of the legislation governing elections, the moralization of public life, the reform of State management methods with "full" exercise of rights and freedoms.

The second chapter focuses on financial reform and economic renewal, including the reform of the tax system, the instauration of new budget governance rules, the modernization of the banking and financial system and the development of economic and social statistical information and foresight.

As regards economic renewal, the document also focuses on "a significant" improvement of the business environment, the strategic development of industry and mines, the rationalization of imports and export promotion as well as energy transition.

Moreover, the chapter refers to employment through matching training programmes with the market needs and support to activity creation. The third chapter is devoted to human development and social policy. As for human development, the Action Plan addresses issues such as health, education, training and culture.

Concerning social policy, the Government Action Plan focuses on enhancing citizens' purchase power, the preservation of social security systems, retirement and housing.
The fourth chapter deals with foreign policy, which has to be "dynamic and proactive", while the fifth is devoted to strengthening national security and defence.

In the preamble, the Government's Action Plan takes stock of the situation, noting, first of all, that the Algerian people, "in a tremendous, historic outburst, characterised by an extraordinary pacifism," expressed and affirmed "their strong aspiration for change, democracy, social justice and the rule of law."