President Tebboune reaffirms Algeria's position regarding just causes

APS - 10 Octobre 2020

ALGIERS- President of the Republic Abdelmadjid Tebboune, Supreme Chief of the Armed Forces, and minister of National Defence on Saturday has reaffirmed the position of Algeria with regard to just causes and its defense to the principle of the popular legitimacy and peoples' right to self-determination.

"Algeria has been able to overcome many ordeals thanks to the role of our valiant Army and the conscience of our fellow citizens, but we are not completely immune," President Tebboune said in a speech during his visit to the headquarters of the Ministry of National Defence.

The Head of the State urged vigilance because "those who are plotting against us will not stop, especially at the borders of Algeria, which have become the theater of global conflicts."

"Algeria, with its strategic position and its regional weight, pursues its permanent efforts to help the brothers in Libya to find appropriate political solutions which imperatively consist of the organization of elections leading to sovereign institutions, far from interference and international conflicts which will only worsen the situation in the region," the President of the Republic affirmed.

"The powers start to hear Algeria's appeal, which advocates a return to popular legitimacy," he stressed, adding that "in the absence of a consensual solution, which must be popular, Libya is heading for disaster."

About the Malian question, President Tebboune said that "Algeria is closely following developments relating to the security and political situation in this brother country. We regard the stability of this country as a backup for our strategic and national security, based on the Peace and Reconciliation Agreement resulting from the Algiers process, which is intended to be the appropriate and lasting solution capable of ending the conflict between the Malian antagonists."

"We share the pain of the brotherly Malian people, especially the conspiracy that targeted them near our borders," said President Tebboune, adding that "History will remember all these facts: in 2011, Libya collapsed and in 2012, caravans of trucks carrying arms were flocking towards the Sahel. Mali then experienced a coup and a political vacuum which worsened the situation."

"We advocate national unity in Mali and will not accept division of the country or of the Malian people," insisted the President of the Republic. The "solution in Mali is dependent on popular legitimacy. Young Malians must be involved in the management of their country. Algeria is ready to help this country," he said.

With regard to the Palestinian question, President Tebboune who dubbed it "central cause" assured the Palestinian people of the "unwavering support" to their just cause and to their struggle for the recovery of their "despoiled land".

The Head of the State called for "the application of UN decisions on Western Sahara issue concerning the holding of self-determination referendum, postponed for nearly three decades, the appointment as soon as possible of a UN Envoy and the relaunch of the negotiation process between the two conflicting parties."

"The policy of a fait accompli is ineffective. Forty-five years have already ended without a solution being found. The self-determination referendum is the only solution," he concluded.