Mujaheed Yacef Saadi passes away

APS - 11 September 2021

ALGIERS- Moudjahid Yacef Saadi died Friday in Algiers at the age of 93, the ministry of Mujahideen has announced.

With the death of Mujahid Yacef Saadi, "Algeria has lost one of its symbols and one of its brave sons. He was a valiant mujahid and reckless leaders who challenged the occupation armies and fought them with iron will, courage and self-denial until the recovery of independence," said the minister of Mujahideen, Laid Rebiga.

The deceased "was faithful to the oath" and "remained devoted to the values of his country and to the bequests of the martyrs."

Mujahid Yacef Saadi will be buried at El Kettar Cemetery in Algiers, after the prayer of El Asr on Saturday.