National Conference: Preparations to start as soon as government is established

APS - 14 March 2019

ALGIERS- Prime Minister Noureddine Bedoui said Thursday that the government of technocrats, to be formed in the next few days, will start the preparation for the national inclusive conference as soon as it is installed, adding that the government will enter into dialogue with all components of society, "without exclusion, "to fulfill the aspirations" of the Algerian people."

In a news conference held jointly with the deputy Prime Minister Ramtane Lamamra, Bedoui said consultations are underway to form the government, which is "open" to all political currents, "representing all experts and energies, especially the young, who can contribute to the success of the transitional phase that must not exceed one year."

The government, once formed, will immediately begin the preparation for the national, inclusive conference, announced by the president of the Republic, he added.

The details will be defined by taking into account the opinions and proposals of everybody.

Bedoui said the government to be formed will have to "provide the necessary resources for an effective functioning of the country's different services and institutions."