Algeria has imported equipment worth millions of dollars in one week to face coronavirus

APS - 15 March 2020

ALGIERS-In one week, Algeria has imported millions of dollars of equipment to face the coronavirus outbreak, said Sunday Premier Abdelaziz Djerad.
"Like the whole world, we were surprised by this pandemic and we are trying with our human and material means to face it. In one week, we have imported millions of equipment, thermal camera, kits and gloves to curb the shortcomings we had in the beginning," said the Premier.

In response to the availability of medical equipment to face the virus, including reagents, bibs and hydroalcoholic gel, the PM assured that "they are available and will continue to buy them."

"Just yesterday (Saturday), an aircraft loaded with these products arrived from the United Arab Emirates (UAE). We also imported from France and several European countries like Denmark and Norway," he continued.

"We must take our precautions. We are neither stirring up public opinion nor reacting in an untimely manner. We are assuming our responsibilities to address a global crisis that may affect our country," said Djerad.

"Let us not panic. We must understand that there is neither a medicine nor a vaccine for this virus. We must prevent the virus from spreading throughout our country," said the PM.

"This is what people must understand when we tell them not to leave, not to visit parks or not go out with their kids. We are trying to limit, even a little, the outbreak of this virus," stressed Djerad.

State "has taken all measures" to treat infected people and all patients were dealt with," affirmed the PM.
There "are various steps we have taken in cooperation with the World Health Organization (WHO) and a representative of this UN organization said that "Algeria is making huge efforts and has the means to treat patients."