Political situation: Gaid Salah reaffirms National Army’s commitment to constitutional path

APS - 30 April 2019

ALGIERS- Deputy Minister for National Defense and Chief of Staff of the People’s National Army Ahmed Gaid Salah reaffirmed Tuesday the commitment of the People’s National Army to the constitutional path through the organization of the presidential election “as expeditiously as possible.”

“The deep commitment of the Command of the People’s National Army to the Constitution, supported by the people through their representatives in the Parliament, emanates from the fact that any change or amendment of its provisions doesn’t come within the National Army’s prerogatives, but within those of President who will be elected in accordance with the people’s will,” said Gaid Salah in a speech made in an orientation and follow-up meeting, via video conference, on his 2nd day of his visit to the 5th Military Region.

He affirmed that “this position of principle is an obvious and constant sign of the National Army’s determination not to stray from the constitutional path, despite the conditions and circumstances, and whoever claims the opposite shows ingratitude towards the Army and its consistent positions of principle, particularly those social climbers who took advantage of the country’s wealth in many ways and want today to give lessons to the People’s National Army and its Command.”

“We categorically refute these opportunistic behaviors which do not serve Algeria and do not contribute at all to the settlement of its crisis,” he pointed out.

“It is incumbent upon us to show common sense and perceptiveness and avoid getting lost in useless secondary conflicts and mazes not serving at all the Nation’s supreme interest and which can even endure the crisis,” he underlined. He added that the National Army “relies on its jealous citizens for the future of their country to combine their efforts to lead the country to peace.”

“In this perspective, and while respecting the Constitution and the State’s institutions, it is incumbent upon us to work for the creation of appropriate conditions to organize presidential election as soon as possible, because they constitute the ideal solution to end the crisis, face all the threats and dangers threatening our country and foil hostile schemes aimed at leading us to an constitutional vacuum and leading the country to the spirals of anarchy and destabilization,” he said.