President Tebboune extends condolences to family of Yacef Saadi

APS - 11 September 2021

ALGIERS- President of the Republic Abdelmadjid Tebboune offered Saturday a message of condolence to the family of mujahid Yacef Saadi, who passed away Friday at the age of 93.

"Among the believers are men who have proven true to what they pledged to Allah. Some of them have fulfilled their pledge with their lives, others are waiting their turn. They have never changed their commitment in the least. It is with immense sadness, but resigned to the will of Allah, that we have learned about the death of mujahid Yacef Saadi," President Tebboune wrote in his message of condolence.

"He joins his brothers and sisters, the martyrs and the mujahideen who died (after independence), with whom he participated in the armed struggle in the autonomous area of Algiers, of which he was an eminent leader, and of which he faithfully and brilliantly immortalized the epics and sacrifices in the famous film "The Battle of Algiers," one of the most successful cinematographic works and testifies to his journey and achievements."

"In this painful trial, we offer to you and to his fellow mujahideen our sincere condolences, praying to Allah Almighty to grant the deceased His holy mercy and to welcome him in His vast paradise among the martyrs," the President of the Republic added.

"O tranquil soul! Return to your Lord, well pleased (with Him) and well pleasing (to Him). So join My servants, and enter My Paradise," President Tebboune concluded its message.