Strong reactions in Algeria following EP’s resolution

APS - 29 November 2019

ALGIERS-The non-binding resolution adopted Thursday in Strasbourg by the European Parliament (EP) on the political situation in Algeria provoked strong reactions, which considered it interference in the internal affairs of a sovereign country.

Salah Goudjil: We reject foreign agendas dictated to Algeria Acting President of the Council of the Nation (Upper House), Salah Goudjil on Thursday said that the Upper House of Parliament rejected foreign agendas dictated to Algeria, stressing the independence of Algeria's political decision.

"We reject the foreign agendas dictated to Algeria and we hope that the Algerian people will teach the world a lesson through their massive participation in the presidential election on 12 December, a response through which Algerians will raise their heads high," he said in his opening speech at the opening of a plenary session on the adoption of several laws. "The European Parliament debated reports from Algeria, and writings from the Algerian press," he deplored.

The Lower House denounces EP’s resolution on "situation of freedoms" in Algeria The People's National Assembly (Lower House) on Thursday denounced the resolution adopted by the European Parliament on the "situation of freedoms in Algeria", calling it a "flagrant interference in internal affairs" and a "provocation to the Algerian people".

"The European Parliament's resolution comes at a time when the Algerian people are about to go to the polls to choose a President of the Republic after a peaceful popular movement (Hirak) and highly professional support from the People's National Army (APN) and the various security forces, once the legal instruments and regulatory frameworks to ensure the freedom, transparency and regularity of the electoral process have been completed as part of a democratic process reflecting the change Algeria is undergoing," said the Lower House in a statement.

"The Lower House, which considers that what happened today in Strasbourg (headquarters of the European Parliament) is a blatant interference in internal affairs and a provocation to the Algerian people, categorically denounces any interference, wherever it may come from, in our internal affairs," said the same source. CNDH denounces EP’s resolution on "situation of freedoms in Algeria" The National Council for Human Rights (CNDH) on Thursday expressed its "strong denunciation and condemnation" of the European Parliament's resolution on "the situation of freedoms in Algeria,” and stressed that it is based on "misinformation and malicious intentions.”

In a statement to APS, CNDH Chairman Bouzid Lazhari said that the Council "questions the source of the information contained in the resolution, which refers to arbitrary arrests without providing evidence.” “It would have been more appropriate for the party behind this information to provide it to the CNDH, which has all the powers to investigate human rights allegations.” "The EP follows a policy of double standards in this area (human rights), otherwise why would not it be interested in the situation in Ghaza and other places in the world.”