Coronavirus : Friday Prayer suspended, Mosques closed countrywide

APS - 17 March 2020

ALGIERS-The weekly Friday Prayer will be suspended, mosques will be closed and the call for prayer will be maintained, announced Tuesday Minister of Religious Affairs Youcef Belmehdi.

In statement to the public television, Belmehdi said the Fatwa commission had decided "to suspend the weekly Friday Prayer, close mosques and to maintain the call for payer countrywide."

"Religiously speaking, we must take the aforementioned measures to preserve the life of citizens and to support the firm measures taken by the State," said the Fatwa committee.

The measure follows the worrying propagation of the virus and aims at "saving our country from the propagation noticed in other countries. It remains in force until Allah lifts this ordeal," said the source. Moreover, the committee urged citizens to comply with the measures it took.