Official mobile application, developed to combat coronavirus

APS - 21 March 2020

ALGIERS - An official mobile application to combat and limit the spread of the coronavirus in Algeria, has been developed by the deputy ministry responsible for Startups.

This application, will help "report to local authorities possible coronavirus cases, and this will allow them to perform local screening, preventing the risk of contamination."

The app has been developed by the Ministry of Health and the private incubator, incubme.
It will also make it possible to "receive real time notifications of near contaminated people."
In a statement to National Radio, Deputy Minister for Startups Yacine Oualid said last Thursday that "all Algerian start-ups are mobilized against the coronavirus to help the government in its strategy to stop this pandemic and also the citizens during this difficult period," mentioning platforms "voluntarily engaged to provide free online tutoring", such as E-madrassa.