Over 23.2 million voters will elect 462 members of Lower House

APS - 17 April 2017

ALGIERS � 23, 251 ,503 voters are set to elect 462 members of the People�s National Assembly (APN-Lower House) in the legislative elections of 4 May 2017 which will be held in 12,176 polling centres, said the Ministry of Interior and Local Authorities on Monday.

The lists in contention in these elections are estimated 938, while the number of the polling stations is of 53,124 in countrywide and the 4 zones of the national community abroad.

Algiers district counts the largest number of deputy seats (37) who will be elected among the 17 lists in the race by 1, 900, 479 voters followed by Setif with 19 deputies from the 17 lists by some 964, 836 voters.

Oran comes third with 18 deputies who will be selected by 1, 018, 865 voters among 20 lists while Tizi Ouzou has a 15 deputies and 675, 479 voters will choose from 15 lists.��

In Batna, which electorate is estimated at 627, 054 voters, 21 electoral lists are running for 14 seats while Djelfa which also counts 14 deputy seats will be selected from 21 lists by 553, 046 voters.

Then comes Blida with 13 seats to be elected by 707, 542 voters among the 20 lists engaged by the political parties and independents while in Chlef, 701, 186 voters are set to choose from the 20 contending lists 13 deputies at the Lower House.

In Tlemcen, the 685,235 voters will choose 12 deputies among 21 lists, while 529,506 voters in B�ja�a will choose their 12 deputies from the 18 lists. Constantine counts 12 seats and the deputies will be elected by 576,173 voters among 14 lists while 650,435 voters in M'sila will choose their 12 Lower House representatives among 25 lists.

Three provinces have a total of 11 seats, namely Skikda, where the 592,324 voters will choose their representatives from 17 lists, Medea, where the 11 future elected representatives will be chosen by 556,888 voters from the 28 lists, and in Tiaret, 537,094 voters will elect their 11 deputies.

Mascara (16 lists), Boumerdes (19 lists), Mila (17listes), Ain Defla (19 lists) and R�lizane (14 lists) have 10 seats each.

With regard to the vote of the national community residing abroad, 463,260 voters are expected to elect the 2 representatives of zone I (Paris) among the 9 lists, while zone II (Marseille), which counts 300,511 voters, 14 lists are competing for 2 seats as well.

For zone III (Arab world, Africa, Asia, Oceania), 58,318 voters will choose their two representatives on 8 lists. Zone IV (America and Europe minus France) counts 133,337 voters and 2 deputies to be elected from 12 lists.