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Algerian women can boast about achievements made since independence, says Bouteflika

APS - 08 March 2018

ALGIERS-President of the Republic Abdelaziz Bouteflika on Thursday said that Algerian women can boast about the achievements they made since independence and State seeks to promote their rights and ensure their equality with men.

In a message on the occasion of the celebration of the International Women's Day at El Aurassi hotel (Algiers), read on his behalf by Justice Minister Tayeb Louh, the President of the Republic stressed that "Algerian women can boast about the achievements they made as they strengthened their role and earned them admiration locally and regionally."

History will retain Algerian women's "significant" achievements "during the struggle for freedom and throughout the six decades of post-independence construction as well as their capacity for resilience and their sacrifices to safeguardi the Algerian state during the national tragedy," stressed President Bouteflika.

In addition to freedom from the colonial yoke, the 1st November Revolution led to the achievement of many goals including women's emancipation in politics following the rights granted to them and equality of chances with men," wrote the Head of State in his message. "Our people can take advantage of equity in education between girls and boys. Students (girls) outnumber their fellow brothers," said the Head of State, noting that "Algerians can also be proud of the areas invested by women in the labour market, not only in certain social professions like in other countries but also in the judiciary body, national defence and security corps, areas in which Algerian women now hold senior positions and assume the highest responsibilities."

In the sector economic, women "tend to equal their brothers in economic entrepreneurship, notably youth," said President of the Republic, who expressed his pride of the positions women hold in this sector as they lead economic companies and employers' organizations. In this regard, President of the Republic welcomed State's "key" role in the promotion of rural women's contribution in economic development through various incentives and mechanisms.

The International Women's Day "must be an opportunity to say that we are proud of Algerian women and their achievements, not a day of demands and struggles like in many regions of the world including developed ones, where the struggle for equal pay tops demands to celebrate this event, "concluded the President of the Republic.