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Conference on women's involvement in politics: Algeria to implement recommendations

APS - 19 March 2018

ALGIERS- Minister of Interior, Local Authorities and National Planning Noureddine Bedoui affirmed Sunday, in Algiers, that the Algerian State "will work for the implementation of the recommendations of the international conference on women's involvement in politics to make from them a roadmap which enshrines and strengthens the principles contained in the Constitutions in terms of promoting women's political rights.

In a speech read on his behalf by the Ministry's Secretary General Salah Eddine Dahmoune at the end of the conference organized under the patronage of President of the Republic Abdelaziz Bouteflika, Bedoui said that "the changes taking place in the world and challenges arising from them could be taken up only through the participation of all the society's energies and the mobilization of all the capacities."

In this regard, he added that "the Algerian State will work in collaboration with all the players for the implementation of these recommendations to make from them a roadmap that enshrines and strengthens the principles contained in the Constitution in terms of promoting women's political rights."

This initiative will be implemented thanks to the "publication of necessary institutional supports, development of support programmes, building of capacities of elected local assemblies as part of the cooperation programmes in partnership with the United Nations bodies and the ministry's ambitious programme," said the minister of Interior, adding that the objective is to "step up efforts to allow women to participate in decision-making process."

"Thanks to the unwavering commitment of President of the Republic, Algeria will continue the democratic building process which aims at promoting the position of women in view of their capacities and sacrifices," pointing out that "excluding an important element in the society hinders the development and achievement of social justice." He added that the recommendations of the Conference "will find their place in our deep values as well as in those of human capital, which will allow banishing stereotypical ideas hindering potentialities."

In this regard, Bedoui underlined that the organization of such conferences "will enable opening communication channels between the different sides interested in the promotion of women's political rights, extending research fields and preserving achievements." Bedoui dubbed "necessary" to know all the approaches adopted in this field to strengthen the political, economic and social rights as approved in the international charters. Algiers' Conference, he underlined "constitutes an opportunity to reiterate the responsibility of the different concerned sides."

This international Conference resulted in the adoption of 13 recommendations, including "the revision of the legal framework to shift from quota system to a system based on electoral roll parity to ensure women's efficient involvement in politics while establishing the system of quotas at the level of executive structures of the elected assemblies".

The participants also called to create an "institutional" independent body working for the preservation of women's legal and political achievements.