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Women's rights promotion: Algeria committed to UN resolutions

APS - 14 March 2018

NEW YORK (United States)-Minister of National Solidarity, the Family and Women's Affairs Ghania Eddalia on Tuesday underlined Algeria's commitment to the United Nations (UN) resolutions providing for the promotion of women's rights and their contribution to the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030, and called the international community to make further efforts to spread peace in hotbeds of tension where women are deprived of their legitimate rights. Speaking to the 62nd Commission on the Status of Women (CSW), Eddalia underlined "Algeria's constant commitment to the UN resolution providing for the promotion of women's rights and the establishment of adequate legal and regulatory frameworks that allow them contribute to the achievement of SDGs by 2030."

Eddalia underlined "the collective responsibility of the international community" set to make further efforts to help women exercise their legitimate rights. The minister recalled that Algeria, whose Constitutions entrenched international principles relating to human rights promotion, adopted the 17 SDGs including "equality between genders and women's empowerment" and sought to strengthen the position of Algerian women in all fields.

The Constitution amendment in 2016, which resulted in a reform of the legislative and organizational system, contributed to the implementation of equality between genders, women's protection against any form of violence as well as the promotion of their presence in the political and social scenes. In addition to strengthening women's political representation and their appointment to highest positions, Algeria also paid particular attention to rural women, a key player in the implementation of the national policy on food security.