Algeria welcomes NAM position in favor of Sahrawi people's right to self-determination

APS - 11 October 2021

BELGRADE (Serbia)- Prime Minister, Minister of Finance Aïmene Benabderrahmane welcomed Monday, in Belgrade, the "consistent and principled" position of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) in favor of the Sahrawi people's right to self-determination, calling on the United Nations and the Security Council to revive the UN process for the settlement of Western Sahara conflict.

Speaking in the high-level meeting marking the 60th anniversary of the holding of the first conference of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM), in Belgrade (Serbia), where he represents President of the Republic Abdelmadjid Tebboune, Benabderrahmane underlined that "NAM's support to peoples fighting for their freedom and independence has greatly contributed to the emancipation of these peoples from the colonial and imperialist yoke."

"Algeria proudly hails the consistent and principled position of the movement in favor of the Sahrawi people's right to self-determination and calls on the member countries to perpetuate this precious support, notably amid the sensitive situation the Sahrawi cause is going through, faced with UN's incapability to fulfill its mission of completing the decolonization of this territory," he added.

"Defending just causes must be based on the peoples' right to self-determination, which is one of the movement's fundamentals," stressed Prime minister , welcoming "the consistent support of the movement to this principle which is misused and whose legal bases, as enshrined by the United Nations Charter and the relevant resolutions, are the subject of sapping attempts."