Moroccan system wages campaign of lies to distort facts in Western Sahara

APS - 19 April 2021

ALGIERS- Chairman of the European Conference of Support and Solidarity with the Sahrawi People (EUCOCO) Pierre Galland denounced Sunday the campaign of lies waged by the Moroccan system in an attempt to distort the facts in Western Sahara, constitute stances and collect signatures in the European Parliament.

In a statement to the Algerian Radio, Galland said some Moroccans are led by embassies and the Moroccan intelligence services, including journalists, to spread false information and create confusion and discord, undermine the credibility of the Sahrawi officials, collect signatures for the self-governing plan of Makhzen and to make them believe that it is the best solution.

He underlined that they are trying to obtain stances from the European Parliament, adding that it is a war of lies.

Galand affirmed that "we have to be careful to thwart these plans while we are at the heart of the solidarity action in support to the right of the Sahrawi people."