Coronavirus: 112 new cases, 98 recoveries, 9 deaths in last 24 hours

APS - 14 June 2020

ALGIERS- Algeria recorded one hundred twenty-one new confirmed cases of Coronavirus (Covid-19), 101 recoveries and 11 deaths in the last 24 hours, said Wednesday in Algiers Djamel Fourar, the spokesman of the Scientific Committee for monitoring Coronavirus pandemic.

The total number of confirmed cases thus stands at 11,268, or 25.7 cases per 100,000 inhabitants. So far, 799 patients died of the Covid 19 while 7943 patients have recovered, Dr. Fourar told the daily press briefing on the Covid-19 pandemic evolution.

The new death cases have been recorded in the provinces of Mila (2 cases), Tiaret (2 cases), Blida (1), Oum El Bouaghi (1), Sétif (1), Batna (1), Bouira (1), Béjaia (1) and Tipasa (1), added Dr. Fourar, noting that people aged 65 and over account for 66% of total deaths.

In addition, 29 provinces recorded rates lower than the national rate, while 14 others did not register any new Coronavirus case during the last 24 hours.

In addition, the number of patients who benefited from the current treatment protocol (based on Hydroxy-chloroquine) amounted to 23,632, including 9,627 cases confirmed by virological tests (PCR) and 14,005 suspected cases according to imaging and scanner indications, continued Dr. Fourar, adding that 41 patients are currently in intensive care units.