Sinovac: Towards partnership to produce different vaccine types in Algeria

APS - 20 December 2021

ALGIERS- The Chinese pharmaceutical laboratories SINOVAC hope to broaden the partnership opportunities with Algeria to produce different types of vaccines, the laboratories' Chief Executive Officer Gao Qiang affirmed on Monday.

Received by the director general of Pasteur Institute of Algeria (IPA) Fawzi Derrar, Gao Qiang underlined, in a statement to APS, that "this visit's objective is to meet the Health minister, the director general of Pasteur Institute as well as officials of the Government in order to identify and explore the needs of Algeria and the necessary means to help it fight against Covid-19."

Concerning the cooperation with IPA, the Chinese official assured he wants "to enquire, through this visit, about the situation of the vaccination operation and to strengthen Algeria's current potentials in this field."

For his part, Derrar welcomed this visit, which is part of the relations linking the two countries since the independence, hailing the role played by China which has "always been in the lead in terms of supplying Algeria with the necessary quantities of Covid-19 vaccine, in record time, enabling an important number of citizens to benefit from the Covid-19 vaccine, notably during the third wave that Algeria has experienced."

Pasteur Institute aspired, according to the official, to "strengthen the current cooperation and capacities so that the sector of Health be in tune with the latest developments."