The Triumph of Democratic Freedoms Movement (MTLD)

In order to participate in the legislative elections organized under the Constitution of the 5th French Republic which had just been proclaimed, Messali El Hadj and his companions had just founded in November 1946 a new political party called the Movement for the Triumph of Democratic Freedoms (MTLD) which is no other than the resurrection of the Algerian People‘s Party (PPA). The MTLD has come largely in the lead, in these legislative elections, concerning candidates from the second college (second college is a French colonialist Law called also “Indigena Code” to design the Algerian population „native“ other than European).

At its Congress in June 1947, the MTLD saw the emergence of the Secret Organization (OS) which will give birth to a generation of young people resolved to undo the French colonizer and throw the first stone of the National Liberation War.