First Berber speaking daily "TiƔremt" issued

APS - 22 February 2020

ALGIERS- The first national daily newspaper in the Berber Tamazight language entitled "TiƔremt" has been published on Saturday, February 22nd, which coincides with the celebration of the first anniversary of the Hirak movement.

President of the Republic Abdelmadjid Tebboune had declared February 22nd a National Day of Brotherhood and People-Armed Cohesion for Democracy.

This generalist newspaper has been created by the team of the newspaper La Cité and former executives of the High Commission for Tamazight (HCA), thus strengthening the presence of the Tamazight language in the national media landscape, after APS website, launched in May 2015.

Available in a "Tamaamrit" version (Latin alphabets), it will work for promoting the Tamazight language through the processing and dissemination of information in the second official language of the country, announced its initiators.

In its experimental issue, the newspaper devoted nine pages to the Hirak movement, which has just completed one year, while the other pages are devoted in particular to cultural and sporting sections.