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Environment: Algeria celebrates on Saturday world event "one hour for the planet"

APS - 27 March 2021

ALGIERS - Algeria celebrates on Saturday the world environmental event "Earth Hour" (one hour for the planet) which aims to raise awareness about the cause of environmental preservation and energy saving by symbolically turning off the lights for an hour, a press release from the Sidra association, ambassador of the event in Algeria, said on Thursday.

The celebration of "Earth Hour" will be held, under the sponsorship of the Ministry of Energy Transition and Renewable Energies, between 8:30 p.m. and 9:30 p.m. in Algeria and in more than 190 countries and 7000 cities in the world.

"Earth Hour is the biggest citizen mobilization for nature. It is a global event which aims to raise awareness in a festive setting among the general public, economic players and political decision-makers about the cause of environmental preservation, energy saving and promoting the use of renewable energies by symbolically turning off the lights for an hour," explained the same source.

On this occasion, a ceremony will be organized with the participation of actors involved in the energy transition and renewable energies like the National Agency for the Promotion and Rationalization of Energy Use (APRUE), as well as civil society actors.

An interactive panel around the theme of the event led by institutional speakers, representatives of national and multinational economic companies, start-ups in the field of renewable energies as well as civil society executives will be organized.

This meeting will be marked by the signing of a partnership agreement between the Sidra association and the Schlumberger Company for the implementation of a series of actions aimed at promoting the preservation of the environment and sustainable development.